Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's Up?

Well, the reason I haven't blogged is because I have been in Alaska all summer. Then when we got back we had to wait to get internet. The summer was awesome and we did and saw everything, so much I could write a novel, lol. If my husband would have stayed home and worked, we probably wouldn't be in debt as far as we are right now (as he was collecting unemployment all summer), but I wouldn't have changed anything. I really probably couldn't have done it without him (he took all the pics too lol).
Well, I have been called as Michael's Cub Scout Leader. He just turned 8 (and was baptized on his birthday). I have 3 boys (in my den), and I'm kinda nervous, but excited at the same time. All the fun things we get to learn. School is good for him only he's cocky and thinks he knows everything. He does his work too fast and doesnt check his work, so he gets things wrong. Math is not his skill, so I guess he got all his father's genes, lol.
Scott is doing better......I worry about him ALOT! He got into see the neurologist at Children's Medical Center! We found out the prescription for the medication he was taking was wrong! Depakene liquid is suppose to be taken every 8 hours and he was taking it every 12. So, that's why he was having seizures in the morning. So, now he is taking "Sprinkles" twice a day. He still needs a MRI until the Dr. knows what kind of seizures he has, but has told us he will grow out of it by the time he is 14.
I went to "Time Out for Women" a month ago and I was really worried about Scott, as he was having so many seizures and I couldn't get the help he needed and I was feeling helpless. Oh, and my husband was gone for work on top of a new calling and the list goes on. Anyway, what I learned is what I needed to do is LOVE him. He needed me to love him and reassure him everything will be ok. That all this is NOT his fault.
Zander is getting big. He is just so funny! He is starting to tell jokes, yes he's only 3. His favorite joke is a Knock-Knock joke. Knock-Knock....Who's There?....Boo.....Boo Who?.....Ah, you don't have to cry... He will tell this joke over and over and laugh everytime.
My DH has no job and no job prospects, but hey we got all caught up on all the bills last month! I'm so glad I have so much faith in my Heavenly Father that I know everything will be alright.
I've been doing service lately with all my time. Bonham Community Ministries, Snap Center in Bonham does handquilting (I've been learning) then they donate the $ to Meals on Wheels, I went to the temple, and next week I am going to volunteer at the Whitewright Library. I can't wait! I've never worked in a library, but I'm the kind of person who walks into a library and wants to fix all the shelves and put the books in the right order, lol. So, I'm very excited. Oh, I put in my application to work in the cafeteria at the boys school. The hardest thing I'm trying to think of is my Skills. Oh, I know! Multitasking! only 4 more to go, lol.
Ok, so on to quilting....I have not touched a sewing machine since May. I have however cut pieces of fabric with my rotary cutter. I can't even remember what it was like before the rotary cutter, lol. My next project is a BRIGHT frog crazy quilt! I have fussy cut out all my frogs. I have no pics in this blog, because I hate hooking up the camera, downloading pics, then finding out where they went, then how do I put them on the blog page, much less where I want them. It's all just too complicated for me. I am convinced I made a sacrifice for my husband to live during this time, because I could totally live without electronic devices (but my husband could not). But I will post pics soon I just wanted to write to let u know I'm still here.

Monday, May 17, 2010

What's up in May?

The above quilt is called Outdoor Blocks. I really enjoyed making this one. I bought this pattern at my local quilt shop in Bonham. I go in there a buy stuff at least once a year. It's owned by a woman, she sells fabric out of a little cabin next to her house off of 121. She has a long arm machine and machine quilts. She actually quilted Joey and janien's quilt for me. Anyway, I got all this outdoorsy fabric for my yahoo I Spy group.

This one I actually had done for over a year, just didnt have it tied. I aquired all of these blocks from I think 3 different swaps. I love fall colors! A couple of my friends were having an outdoor yard art sale, and I finished it to try to sell it. No such luck, didn't sell any.
I am now working on 2 different quilts. They are Turning Twenty pattern. I got a LOT of pink camo fabric from my ward at church. They asked if anyone wanted to make some quilt tops for us to tie and donate. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity! Besides I just finished these 2 and was thinking of my next project. I almost have all 40 block peices cut out (and will be done cutting today). Then the fabric leftover I will make just big plain squares alternating with this grayish fabric with women faces all over it.
Anyway, I wanted to post to let you know I was not slacking, but deligently working hard (especially that now we dont have internet). Oh! Also, a couple blogs back I posted a calendar quilt with a whole bunch of strips on it by Pat Sloan. Well, I found the book at Trades Day in Bonham! So, I have started a little on that quilt, too.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Alphabet Window Blocks

Yeah! I made my blog pretty! I love it! Well, I'm not doing to well with trying to quilt everyday. I hadn't quilted in 2 months. But I'm back on the wagon, lol.
I've been working on this I Spy Alphebet Window Quilt. Each window represents an Alphabet: A-apple, B-boots, C-cups, D-dog, E-elephant, F-fish, G-giraffe, H-horse, I-island, J-joker, K-kite, L-ladybug, M-map, N-nuts, O-owl, P-pig, Q-Queen of Quilts, R-rainbow, S-snowflakes, T-turtle, U-umbrella, V-volleyball, W-whistle, X-x-ray, Y-yarn, and Z-zipper. The extra space on the top and bottom will be bright TOT windows. I love I Spy fabric. I got all these peices from my "I Spy" online group with Yahoo. Once a year we do an Alphabet Swap. Everyone picks a letter (I did Apples and Horses so I got 2 sets), sends in 26 blocks (8 1/2 inch) and u get a full set of the whole Alphabet back!

ok, so my picture thingy is not working....I really hate technology, lol.

Friday, January 29, 2010


I have opened an account at
It's like etsy, but NO Fees!
I have posted 2 quilts for sale so far, and will put my hats on there too!
Oooo, I'm sooo excited!
Check it out, my shops name is Trinity's Treasures!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Easy Matching Quilts

These are 2 quilts I made. Top is a twin size, which I made 1st. Bottom is a Crib size quilt I made with the excess fabric. I think this was the nicest and cheapest quilt I have ever made. All this fabric I bought for $1 per yard! And it's not cheap cheap fabric, I mean I bought it at Hancocks, Joann's, and Walmart. 100 % cotton, labeled as quilting fabric, it was just a really good clearance sale, lol. I made it pretty cheap, so it wasn't really sentimental to me. But when I brought it to my group of quilters and said I was going to donate it, they kinda convinced me that it was REALLY nice and that I should keep them. So, I still have them in my growing pile of quilts. Oh, by the way, the middle is premade lol, I bought it already pieced together. So, it didn't take me anytime at all to make them. Ya know, just throw on a couple strips for the border, and wala, done!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Scrappy Star Quilt

I am so glad to finally finish this quilt! OK, so its not officially done, but its done as it needs to be for right now. The problem is it is only like 50x65, some weird measurement like that. It really needs 8 more blocks, but there is no way I'm making more of these blocks. These blocks are from a swap, probably from 1 1/2 yrs ago. I do love it. Making these blocks I have realized I HATE White! I need COLOR in my quilts. I think the strips really do something to it. Yeah!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dad's Quilt

My dad works away from home in the summer and lives in his trailer (5th wheel). So, I wanted to make him a quilt. The top fabrics are all flannel. This is my 1st quilt that I machine quilted in the ditch. I used a regular sewing machine to quilt it. I had a hard time with it shifting, so when I met up in the corners there was a gap. So I had to improvise. This quilt is very warm and my Dad loves it. Of course, because I made it, lol. My mom and dad are in the pic. I made it for him for Father's Day in 2006.
I do have plans for a quilt for my mom for home. It will be black, purple, and teal (these are my favorite colors). I have the fabric for it, but havn't decided on the pattern yet. So, I probably wont get that one done for a while.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Calendar quilt Challenge

I think I might try this!

Everyday u sew a new piece! This 1 is by Pat Sloan finished from last year!

Heart Blocks

Ok, so I'm really having a hard time with this heart thing. I mean how hard can it be to make heart blocks right? I signed up for my 1st block swap in over a year. It's "Block Lotto", which means u make up to 3 blocks and they have a drawing, then 1 person wins all the blocks. It's not due till Febuary, so ya plenty of time, no pressure. NOT! I can't even make a heart block! Maybe it's the pattern, everytime I make a block out of "Block Magic, Too" book, it never comes out the right size. Ugh! I even worked really hard to make them bigger, cause I knew mine always came out small. The top pic is barely 12.5 inches. I actually think it turned out pretty good considering how hard I worked on it. Ok, so the blocks can be 6, 9, or 12 inch blocks, so I made up a heart block. Simple, right? First mistake I cut my red square (heart) 7x7, supposed to be 7x6.5 I was doing good until I tried to do the bottom corner. Luckily I sew big stitches, I ripped it out, cause it was on the wrong side. Of course, not sewing for 1 yr, I can't find my ripper, I did it by hand. I resewed it, cut my corners, did top corners, put next to each other. And I have sewn the wrong bottom corner AGAIN, only this time I cut it, so I couldn't rip and resew. I couldn't just start a new side, because I used scraps for the white and didn't have enough. So, I have sewn the 2 sides together and invented a new block. Looks cool, huh? Lol Anyway, back to square 1 (actually 2) and starting a new heart block.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pastel Flannel Quilt

This quilt I sent to my cousin Kayla Beth (Joey's sis). This is just the top. I dont think I have a pic of it finished. I actually found most of these blocks and fabric at a garage sale. It was a project that someone started and didn't want to finish. Yeah, it was all those little 9 square blocks. It is made with flannel, because ya it's cold in Alaska! I have all boys, so I don't get to make that many girl quilts. This one was one of my firsts. I gave it to her in January, and she was sick with the flu. When she got it, it was a wonderful suprise and a comfort to her while recovering. I was sending it to her for her birthday, I thought it was around then, but really I wasn't even close. It's in August or something like that, lol.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Swastika Baby Quilt

Ok, this is the 1 I made for baby Piper, but I really didn't like the way it turned out. It was supposed to be like a pinwheel, but the 1st thing my husband said was it looks like a swastika(nazi symbol). great. :o{ We did look up the definition and it means peace or hope or something like that. I do love the way the back turned out though! This was my 2nd attempt to quilt instead of tie.

Bug Jar Quilt

And it's the 1 u have all been waiting for! My bug jar quilt! I have finally finished it. It has 47 bug jars and 4 aquariums. I finished it last night. Confession: I only made about 5 of these bug jar blocks. They came from an online quilting group swap. So, if any of my friends out there see this, please let us know which ones u did. I actually got most of these from Babs. I was doing a "What do u need" swap, and she sent me all that she had. Thanks again!

Retro Baby Quilt

This is a baby quilt. I call it my retro quilt. 45 x 60. This is another 1 I was going to donate. Anyone want it? lol

Cookie Monster Rag Quilt

I made this cookie monster fleece rag quilt for Scott 2 yrs ago. I would have definately made it different if I could. I would have done the no sew method. 2 fabrics together, the black and cookie monster. Just sew the 2 together and "quilt" squares. Like the ones we did at the stake service project. I think it was for the "Joy Foundation". Very easy and fun!

Yoda vs. Darth Vader

This quilt is Michael's. It's made out of panel pillow fabric. Yoda and Darth Vader. The "Vader" fabric is sideways in the middle because of limited fabric. I guess I made this one, because I donate some of them to charity. This is 1 I was trying to do my UFO's. Plus not have to buy any new fabric. We all know we have too much fabric and so I was trying to use what I had. Plus as I said before, I am kinda poor. :o)

Plaid Log Cabin Quilt

This is my 1st quilt. Its a log cabin block. I made it out of some cheap FQ's. This was before I knew anything about quilting. It has flannel backing. Plaid is very hard to work with. It was made with homespun fabric. Thats another no-no, lol. As u can see I got tired of making blocks and ran out of fabric, so the corners are whole peices. But it looks good anyway.

Our Jean Quilt

This is a pattern I made out of jeans. I made this design for my brother for his wedding (he got married 2 days before me), but u know how things are. It got put off and eventually (5 yrs or more later) I think I finally finished it. It was supposed to be embroidered (names), but I was kinda poor, so I used paint and stencils. It took a REALLY long time to paint, because I could only do 1 or 2 letters per row per day. I had to wait for it to dry. The 1st quilt I made, this was my pattern, my grandmother said it cant be done. In quilting anything is possible, thats why I love it. No Rules! This has mine and my husbands name in the top corners of the heart. The middle is wedding info then sealing info.

Jeremy's Papa John's Quilt

This is Jeremy's Papa john's quilt. He was an assistant manager in Plano. He ended up with all these shirts, not to mention all the khaki pants, lol. I would not suggest attempting this, unless....u made it like t-shirt quilt directions. The fabric was all stretchy and very hard to work with. Might as well add tips in this blog too lol. Do not tie quilts on seams, what was I thinking? So much easier to tie in the middle of the square. Plus, I used yarn. The back is made from strips of his khaki pants.

My Very First Quilt Story

This is my 1st quilt I ever made. My grandma betty helped me. It is made from everyone in my family's jeans (mom, dad, bro, and me). You can tell which ones are my dads, because of the grease stains on them, lol. But I love them, I think it gives it character.
This is a blog and I am supposed to talk about me, so I'm going to tell u how this quilt came about. My boyfriend at the time had a jean quilt. His grandmother made them and i wanted one, too. I hate sewing! In highschool I had a sewing project in home economics and my grandma sewed it for me. We got an A! And I loved that dress, lol. Anyway, his grandmother did make one for me, but I left it in Alaska. My mom found it a couple years ago, so we decided that he should probably have it. I think (not sure), I put a loved blanket inside. I know I wanted to use it for the batting, but my grandma said we couldnt. Not really sure whether we did or not. It would have been a snoopy blanket that was my aunties. This blanket is very warm, we used polar fleece for the backing. It was logical for Alaska, my parents lived in an old house with not very good heating, as in a wood stove and my room was in the back of the house. So, this quilt is probably 15 yrs old and needs repairs. I might learn how to applique and patch the holes.

Joey and Janien Turning 20

This is a "Turning 20" pattern. Its a crazy quilt made from all fabric that represents the 2 of them "together". She's wants to be a vet and loves beaches and thunderstorms. Joey, my cousin, was in the marines. He is a pilot, mechanic, and hunter. I had this professionally quilted, as I wanted it to last forever. It was a wedding present. People in photo: Raymond, Big Z, and a bad pic (yes) of me.

Baby Piper Ludlam Quilt

This quilt was inspired from a "Ugly Fat Quarter" Swap. I didn't really think it was that ugly. It's the fish with teal and purple, both of my favorite colors. The blue and white fabric are actually fish bones, I love that fabric too, lol. I gave this quilt to my cousins new baby (who is almost a year now), Piper Ludlam. I made a different quilt for her, but I really hated the way it turned out. So, at the last minute I gave her this one. This pattern is a brick block pattern. This picture must have been taken before it was tied, because I think the original was tied with purple.

Texas Rangers t-shirt quilt

I didn't really want to start with this 1, but I was browsing this laptop for photos and I found this one. This is my 1st t-shirt quilt. My inlaws are big Rangers fans, especially Grammy. So, I made her this quilt. When you go to the game they sometimes give away t-shirts and these all came from Jeanne and Jennifers closet, well almost all of them. I gave it to Grammy for Christmas last year.
Wow! So I'm going to try to learn how to Blog! I really don't have time, lets learn how to do 1 more thing. Isn't that what life is all about anyway? I tried to start a blog about my family, but had nothing to say or write about. My life is pretty boring. I never put pics of my finished quilts on the computer, so I decided to make a blog about them. I am attempting to put pics of all the quilts I've made on my blog and write about them. Did you know it's good to have a history of all your quilts? Ya, not something I'm good at, lol. So, hopefully all my friends and relatives will not be hounding me to see pics whenever I finish a quilt.