Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's Up?

Well, the reason I haven't blogged is because I have been in Alaska all summer. Then when we got back we had to wait to get internet. The summer was awesome and we did and saw everything, so much I could write a novel, lol. If my husband would have stayed home and worked, we probably wouldn't be in debt as far as we are right now (as he was collecting unemployment all summer), but I wouldn't have changed anything. I really probably couldn't have done it without him (he took all the pics too lol).
Well, I have been called as Michael's Cub Scout Leader. He just turned 8 (and was baptized on his birthday). I have 3 boys (in my den), and I'm kinda nervous, but excited at the same time. All the fun things we get to learn. School is good for him only he's cocky and thinks he knows everything. He does his work too fast and doesnt check his work, so he gets things wrong. Math is not his skill, so I guess he got all his father's genes, lol.
Scott is doing better......I worry about him ALOT! He got into see the neurologist at Children's Medical Center! We found out the prescription for the medication he was taking was wrong! Depakene liquid is suppose to be taken every 8 hours and he was taking it every 12. So, that's why he was having seizures in the morning. So, now he is taking "Sprinkles" twice a day. He still needs a MRI until the Dr. knows what kind of seizures he has, but has told us he will grow out of it by the time he is 14.
I went to "Time Out for Women" a month ago and I was really worried about Scott, as he was having so many seizures and I couldn't get the help he needed and I was feeling helpless. Oh, and my husband was gone for work on top of a new calling and the list goes on. Anyway, what I learned is what I needed to do is LOVE him. He needed me to love him and reassure him everything will be ok. That all this is NOT his fault.
Zander is getting big. He is just so funny! He is starting to tell jokes, yes he's only 3. His favorite joke is a Knock-Knock joke. Knock-Knock....Who's There?....Boo.....Boo Who?.....Ah, you don't have to cry... He will tell this joke over and over and laugh everytime.
My DH has no job and no job prospects, but hey we got all caught up on all the bills last month! I'm so glad I have so much faith in my Heavenly Father that I know everything will be alright.
I've been doing service lately with all my time. Bonham Community Ministries, Snap Center in Bonham does handquilting (I've been learning) then they donate the $ to Meals on Wheels, I went to the temple, and next week I am going to volunteer at the Whitewright Library. I can't wait! I've never worked in a library, but I'm the kind of person who walks into a library and wants to fix all the shelves and put the books in the right order, lol. So, I'm very excited. Oh, I put in my application to work in the cafeteria at the boys school. The hardest thing I'm trying to think of is my Skills. Oh, I know! Multitasking! only 4 more to go, lol.
Ok, so on to quilting....I have not touched a sewing machine since May. I have however cut pieces of fabric with my rotary cutter. I can't even remember what it was like before the rotary cutter, lol. My next project is a BRIGHT frog crazy quilt! I have fussy cut out all my frogs. I have no pics in this blog, because I hate hooking up the camera, downloading pics, then finding out where they went, then how do I put them on the blog page, much less where I want them. It's all just too complicated for me. I am convinced I made a sacrifice for my husband to live during this time, because I could totally live without electronic devices (but my husband could not). But I will post pics soon I just wanted to write to let u know I'm still here.