Monday, November 14, 2011

Grandma's Quilt

My Grandma's Quilt
I made it out of all my scraps of flannel. It's a light, but warm blanket she can take any where with her. I even put ribbon ties on the bottom (not in the pic, cause it's not done), so she can roll it up. She travels on the ferry in Alaska alot, because her husband is in a Rehab center in Juneau. The ferry can get pretty cold, especially in the winter. So this will keep her toasty warm!
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My 1st pillowcase

Here is 1 pillowcase I made for my cousin!

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My 1st Apron!

Yeah! I made my 1st apron! These are made out of a pillowcase and a sheet for the tie. I'm making a whole bunch for Christmas. This 1 is mine, I had to practice on mine 1st, plus I didn't want anyone who might get 1 to see theirs before Christmas. Since I'm making so many, maybe I should make a Tutorial! I am a little electronically challenged and that would intitle actually taking pics then trying to put pics where I want them in the blog, lol. Just like this post (if it actually works, I may be typing for nothing,lol). I wanted to post pics from Facebook, that I took from my phone (which I just learned how to do), so we'll see how this works.
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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Waiting for Wood

I just want to start by saying I love my Heavenly Father and I know he watches over and takes care of me and my family. I don't own a truck, so every year I have a huge issue with getting wood. So, I asked my neighbors boyfriend and he said "Yeah I can get you some wood." So, he got his friend (that has a truck) and came over, well the problem is they need $50 for gas and the wood. The trusting (nieve and stupid) person that I am gave them the $. 2 weeks later still no wood. He promised it would be cut and split and delivered the day after i gave him the $. We finally have to go get it ourselves and load it in the trunk of my car. The wood is also NOT cut or split (I don't even own an ax). So, now I've spent $50 and 2 trips to town for some crappy wood.
Anyway, couple days before, I was driving on Hwy 160 and drove by a church that had FREE firewood. I already decided that if I didn't get my firewood by Saturday, I would get some from there.
While picking up the crappy wood I paid for, the (lazy good for nothing) guy told me about the church with the firewood and said they can deliver it. So, I decided I would go there the next day and ask them if I could swap out the wood.
OK, next day, I go to the church and they say "No, we don't deliver the wood." Here is the part where I know Heavenly Father watches over me. I am so greatful for people that listen to the promptings of the Lord. When I pulled up to the church a friend from my church was there loading their truck up with wood. I asked him if he could possibly bring me some wood and pick up the wood I couldn't use and bring it there to swap out then get himself some wood. Of course, he said "Yes." I know it wasn't a coincidence, it was the promptings of the Lord. Whether it was me listening or them listening(probably them, lol). I'm also so glad I have an awesome Church family, I know I can call anyone for help. It's kinda funny cause the guy giving out the firewood said, "That was really nice of that guy to help you like that." And I thought to myself, "No, that's just how my church is." If it was me with a truck I wouldn't give it a second thought and I know he didn't either.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

No Food

Today I am venting over something that happened today that really bothers me. As I am cooking my dinner (lasagna) and thinking of someone that has nothing. I volunteer at a food bank in Bonham on Tuesdays. Over 400 families a month come and get food. The date you 1st get food is the date you can come back the next month. But this month we will be closed for a week for Thanksgiving, so families can come in before their date. Usually you can't come in any earlier than a week before and I understand rules are important. But when a mother comes in and is told come back in 2 days, it bothered me. She has no car, which means she probably paid someone her last couple $ to get there and get food for her family. I am so sorry. Just the look on her face will haunt me forever. You could tell she was distressed when she walked in the door, and how the tears were in her eyes when she left. I just wish I would have done something. As I am just a person that works in the back and fills orders. I don't think I could ever work in the front office, because I would never turn anyone away, and if I ever did I would feel terrible about it. But rules are rules for a reason.