Monday, March 29, 2010

Alphabet Window Blocks

Yeah! I made my blog pretty! I love it! Well, I'm not doing to well with trying to quilt everyday. I hadn't quilted in 2 months. But I'm back on the wagon, lol.
I've been working on this I Spy Alphebet Window Quilt. Each window represents an Alphabet: A-apple, B-boots, C-cups, D-dog, E-elephant, F-fish, G-giraffe, H-horse, I-island, J-joker, K-kite, L-ladybug, M-map, N-nuts, O-owl, P-pig, Q-Queen of Quilts, R-rainbow, S-snowflakes, T-turtle, U-umbrella, V-volleyball, W-whistle, X-x-ray, Y-yarn, and Z-zipper. The extra space on the top and bottom will be bright TOT windows. I love I Spy fabric. I got all these peices from my "I Spy" online group with Yahoo. Once a year we do an Alphabet Swap. Everyone picks a letter (I did Apples and Horses so I got 2 sets), sends in 26 blocks (8 1/2 inch) and u get a full set of the whole Alphabet back!

ok, so my picture thingy is not working....I really hate technology, lol.