Friday, January 21, 2011

Fabric Postcards

These are fabric postcards I have received in the mail! I think my favorite is the wolf and mountain, but they are all really cool! The different themes are frogs, valentine, Roads, Native American, and the last we had to make 1 with the persons initials.

These are ones that I made! Most of the swaps we do are just 1 postcard, so I've been making 2, so I have an extra! I am also making extra to mail to my friends! The jeans is my favorite. It was made from Michael's old jeans. We are doing an Alphabet Swap "Z", I thought of zipper! Way Cool Huh! The alligator 1 is 1 of my 1st ones I made, so I kinda like to keep it, so I can see how far I have come. The recipe is coffee, I dont drink coffee, but they sure sound good. I obtained this fabric from a swap with a friend, I thought it would make perfect postcards! Frogs are for the frog swap, this 1 I'm sending to my Aunt, who's a quilter, loves frogs, and golf (lol), so I thought of her. The valentine is a pattern from "Block Magic, too".

I am always learning, especially from other swappers. I love making them, because it's fast, easy, and rewarding. It makes me feel so good when I finish a project. My next project is St. Patrick's Day (I signed up), not sure what I'm going to do. Making my postcards I always use from my stash. What I have seen, is you dont have to worry about fraying with applique, I think I'm going to have to try that with a shamrock. In case u havent noticed, I am kinda scared of applique, but would kinda like to learn, I mean u can do so much with it, ya know?

Anyway, back to life.....Scott is doing 100% better! He knows almost all his alphabet and is learning. I am so proud of him. Jeremy is working alot and will finally get a day or 2 off this weekend. It's been a struggle, but I think we might just make it. As for Michael, what's up with him!? He needs an adjustment, I think. Is that normal with 8 yr olds? He has always been my easy child, but he is always complaining and is like pulling teeth to get him to do anything. Ugh, that's life I guess. Scott likes to antagonize him and Michael just cant let it go, so there is alot of fighting and yelling going on. Big Z is normal though, kinda slow to do stuff (like get dressed and put shoes and socks on). He's been watching alot of TV lately and has become a routine, but I guess he is learning, right? Oh, as for me (it is my blog about me), I have officially been put on the volunteer schedule at Fannin County Community Ministries. I go in once a week. I LOVE doing service and helping people. Well, I should get off the computer, as I always have tons to do around the house, especially when my husband is coming home, lol.

New Bright Frog Blocks!

These are the new bright frog blocks I've been working on! They are for Scott. I Fussy cut out 42 frogs and cut a bunch of different sized strips, then sewed them crazy/log cabin style!