Monday, May 17, 2010

What's up in May?

The above quilt is called Outdoor Blocks. I really enjoyed making this one. I bought this pattern at my local quilt shop in Bonham. I go in there a buy stuff at least once a year. It's owned by a woman, she sells fabric out of a little cabin next to her house off of 121. She has a long arm machine and machine quilts. She actually quilted Joey and janien's quilt for me. Anyway, I got all this outdoorsy fabric for my yahoo I Spy group.

This one I actually had done for over a year, just didnt have it tied. I aquired all of these blocks from I think 3 different swaps. I love fall colors! A couple of my friends were having an outdoor yard art sale, and I finished it to try to sell it. No such luck, didn't sell any.
I am now working on 2 different quilts. They are Turning Twenty pattern. I got a LOT of pink camo fabric from my ward at church. They asked if anyone wanted to make some quilt tops for us to tie and donate. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity! Besides I just finished these 2 and was thinking of my next project. I almost have all 40 block peices cut out (and will be done cutting today). Then the fabric leftover I will make just big plain squares alternating with this grayish fabric with women faces all over it.
Anyway, I wanted to post to let you know I was not slacking, but deligently working hard (especially that now we dont have internet). Oh! Also, a couple blogs back I posted a calendar quilt with a whole bunch of strips on it by Pat Sloan. Well, I found the book at Trades Day in Bonham! So, I have started a little on that quilt, too.