Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The middle man

This morning when I dropped Zander off at CDO, the person in charge had a garbage bag of little boy clothes they offered to me. At 1st, I said "no", which is weird for me to turn down free stuff. I do have 3 boys and a TON of clothes though. But, when they said "are u sure?", I said sure I'll take them. The whole time I'm thinking, do my kids look like they need clothes? and what am I going to do with these clothes? Anyway, so Tuesdays I go to Fannin County Ministries and volunteer in the store room. I got to talking with the person in charge of the back room and she mentions that her grandson who is 3 (same age as Big Z) hardly has any clothes, poor kid. So, after lunch I got the bag out of my trunk and went through it. Half the bag was clothes that fit me (which I can't wait to wear), the other half was 4T (which is the size she needs).
I love being Heavenly Fathers middle man. I was the blessing that her daughter needed. I am greatful for Heavenly Father's promptings and people who follow them. I don't even know who the bag was from, but I know Heavenly Father prompted them to give it to me. We can all be tools for our Heavenly Father, all we have to do is listen.

1st Shiner

This is the reason why catchers wear masks!
Michael got his 1st shiner yesterday, while playing baseball at an unofficial practice. 1 of the coaches (the pitcher) sometimes practices with a couple of the boys on Monday nights. That is the same practice night as Scott's, so we were there anyway. I even got to throw a couple of balls to Michael(which my arm is sorry for today, lol). Michael is not the best player on the team and has trouble catching the ball, so when the coach put him as the catcher I thought that was actually a good idea. The bad idea was not wearing a helmet, OOPS! The ball bounced off the ground and pegged him right in the eye! After only 5 minutes of ice he went right back out there to play ball. He's so proud!

Monday, May 2, 2011

My fabric postcards

These are postcards that I made. The top 1 is a birthday card, I thought a Lion delivering some balloons very cute. We are doing an alphabet swap (we are starting backwards with Z), so here is some of mine. "T" is for tracks. "S" is for so many things (how many can u find?)(yes, those are stars). "R" is for railroads. And the last 1 is a bug swap.
This is what Big "Z" (my 4 yr old) can do to a postcard. His ART! This was supposed to be my "U" for umbrella. I actually worked really hard on this. :(
I signed up for a Yellow/Green/Orange swap. I thought these dinosaurs were very cute. But I think I have finally found my style. I really need to try a little harder, get out of my comfort zone and get those creative juices flowing (what little juices their are). I am a scrappy person.
And these are all my postcards I have received up to date! They are so amazing and creative! They come from all over the world including Australia and Italy!

3rd grade postcard swap!

In my yahoo group trading fabric postcards, we were asked to swap with a 3rd grade class in California. My 1st thought was the awesome summer camp "I spy" fabric that I had! Very cool, ya know a 3rd grader is all about summer vacation and having fun! I then got a message from the person in charge of our group and said they worked very hard and "did not just slap a piece of fabric" on there. Ok, then I really had to change it and do something different. So, I looked at what scraps I had to make a postcard that maybe a 3rd grader would enjoy. I found my outdoor fabric scraps and made a pretty cool postcard, but I didn't really think a 3rd grader would have thought it very cool. So, I thought of BRIGHT colors and got my frog scraps out! Anyway, I hope she likes it.
This is the postcard that I got from my 3rd grader. Her name is Kiowa and this is her ocean scene. Wow! Is all I can say. I wish I was as creative as her.