Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I-spy quilt Day 1

It's finally getting some much needed rain here. It rained 3-4 inches over night, it was also a loud storm and didn't get much sleep. So, I was going to work on my new i-spy quilt that I started. I really feel like taking pictures, so I'm going to take pictures and blog my steps. Here's the first step:

I've been quilting at night lately, so yup I stayed up until 1 am cutting these out. This is Quick Quilts April/May 2011 magazine. I love math so I always make quilts to the size I want, which is almost always a standard quilt size. So, here I am trying to extend the size bigger and all I had to do is turn the page back to the original pattern, lol. Oh well, good practice. I love to change things up (I don't like rules, lol). My squares of i-spy fabric are 6.5 inch square, but the pattern calls for 5 inch, I hate wasting fabric, so I just made it bigger. This pattern u can actually do any size square. You just take the square and cut it in half and quarters, which is what I did. I had so much i-spy squares that I decided to make all the fabric i-spy, so it won't have the blue in it.
Well, internet is bad from the storm, and I wanted to get back to sewing, so I'll post Day 2 soon!

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