Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas 2011

We went to Alaska for Christmas this year(I haven't been home for Christmas in 13 yrs), as u could probably read from my posts. We are back and things are finally going back to normal. Kids are back to school, Jeremy's back to work, dishes need to be washed, laundry needs to be folded, I did finally finish Scott's "Bright Frog Quilt" (well sort of), and we already had a trip to the E.R. (hence why the quilt was not binded today, lol. Big "Z" slammed his finger in the car door and cut it open, of course worried mom with son bleeding everywhere, had to take him to the ER, nothing a little tape can't fix, oh well live and learn.

Scott turned 7 yesterday and we had lasagna and cake and ice cream. He was so happy, his eyes lit up. I was a little worried about him with the trip, but he was fine. Thanksgiving Day he had like 10 seizures, (about every hour) it was a side effect of the flu shot he got the day before. So, he won't be getting those anymore, good thing he has a good immune system. He hasn't had any since. He seems to be doing well, but everyday is different. He was learning about Time in school, 1st couple days were good and he was getting it and responsive, but by the 4th night it was just too hard for him (yes it was the same thing we were working on all week). His numbers are getting better, but still doesn't know numbers after 10. But after Christmas break is when he really picks up his learning, so I'm hoping it will get better and he will start reading.

Anyway, holidays were good, I got new scraps from my Aunt (who is a quilter), some awesome leggings from Mom (which I am wearing to church on Sunday), and a crystal flower press thingy for the window from my Sister in law. Those are just a couple of my favorite things. Michael got Star Wars Clone Wars Book and Legos, oh and a new XL DS. Scott got a Leap Pad and some GC for apps. Zander got little figure things. We had to think small so it could fit in the suitcase, we only had to mail 2 flat rate boxes home! Yeah! The boys all got wallets (with $10, thanks Aunt Jenny) and winter hats also. Jeremy got a rod and reel (it collapses, lol) and a lighthouse picture. There were more presents than that (like a pocket copter), but it's 1am and it's not really important what we got for Christmas.

It was kinda yucky the 1st week we were there, but we still managed to go sledding and swimming. Zander is quite the little fish, especially once he got "magic" goggles for Christmas, lol. From the day after Christmas it snowed the rest of the time. We made a huge snowman and tried to go sledding (not very fun when the snow is up to your knees) and went snowmobiling.
I did start a new book series that is worth talking about. "Blue Bloods" by Melissa De La Cruz, I'm on the 4th book. I like it because it is "safe" to read and it's about vampires, lol. It is a young adult/teen book. It's also a Disney book. I highly recommend this to any teen, especially if u like Twilight. It is a little slow, like they could have put them all in 1 book, but then what teen would read a 400 pg book? It has action/suspense and keeps u guessing, it just told u important info at the end of the 3rd book! I'm just worried I'm going to get to the end of the 6th book and it's going to leave me hanging and i'll have to wait till the next 1 comes out. That's why I usually wait for a lot of the books of a series comes out before I start reading it, lol. Anyway, the book takes place in New York, teens learn they are "blue bloods" aka vampires, blue bloods are reincarnated souls(fallen angels) from the war in heaven with Satan. They don't start remembering who they are until they are teens. Then their are silver bloods which are killing blue bloods, so their are traitors among them. Anyway, I'm not very good at telling stories, so you'll just have to read the book if your interested.

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