Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sickness Brings Seizures

Scott has been having seizures, but it's a combination of a few things. #1 rule - take medication every day. It is summer, so it's harder to be on a set schedule since there is no school. Therefore, Scott didn't have his medicine Sunday morning and Monday morning (he takes it twice a day). But also when he gets sick he has seizures. His body is trying to heal his brain, when he gets sick, part of his body has to stop healing the brain and go heal whatever sickness is attacking his body. So, he has had a fever since Monday, and the little cough started today (for some reason the 1st symptom is always a fever). He had the seizure sometime Monday night while he was sleeping. I know he's had 1 because of his slurred speech, drooling, and weakness on the right side of his face. I feel the seizures are getting worse, because he never had the weakness on the right side (except the 5 min 1 he had in class).
As I kneel by my sons bed, I plead to my Heavenly Father to make my son better (as any mother would do). I realize that maybe I should be praying for strength instead and to be OK with whatever happens. I should accept that this is his life and "yes" it does get easier with every seizure he has. But no mother likes to see their child suffer and I worry about everything. I have a lot of Faith in my Heavenly Father and know everything will be ok and He is with me.

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