Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We went to Galveston for the weekend! Actually, my mom called me and said my Aunt Joan and cousin Kayla was going to be in Galveston for a National jumprope tournament! So, any excuse to go to the beach is good for me! All the hotels were (of course) booked and if they weren't, they were over $200 a NIGHT! We did find 1 though. Saturday, we went swimming in the ocean then in the pool at the hotel. We were so hungry (from skipping lunch) that we ate at Golden Corral. Of course, you can't go to Galveston without going to Burdocks! By then it was dark, so we went for a walk on the beach. I LOVE to walk on the beach at night! We met a Dad and Son looking for crabs (they come out at night)! Anyway, next day we were eating our Continental Breakfast and we learned about the ferry. It's a FREE 20 min ferry ride to an island. So, we did that and got to see lots of dolphins! We did lots of beach combing, it was sad to see all of the trash that washed up on shore. We did find a couple OLD coconuts, some NICE whole shells, 2 hermit crabs (1 we brought home on accident and is in our aquarium), lots of bamboo, and a plastic bucket to put all our treasures in. When we got back we ate our Super Saver lunch at Wally World, and rented 1 of those cool bikes that our whole family fit on. Watch out while renting those, Michael got hurt twice on the foot, so maybe wear tennis shoes. At the jumprope tournament they were cutting hair for "Locks of Love", I have done this 4 times (I think) and had been wanting to do it, so I got it chopped off. Yup, thats what they did, pony tailed it and CUT! (usually they cut in sections) So, still waiting to go to the salon to get it styled. Then, we met up with my Aunt and cousin to say goodbye. We didn't spend much time with them, because they had to stay at the tournament the whole time, and when they did go anywhere, they had to stay as a group. So, the 1st day we all wore sunscreen, ya know "at the beach", but the 2nd day I did not. I wore my suit under my shirt and when we went over on the ferry, I took my shirt off and stuck it (what I could) in my pocket. When we got on the ferry to go back, I noticed my shirt was not hanging out of my pocket anymore. Bummer! 1 of my favorite shirts too! So, yes, I am very sunburned, but it'll turn into a very nice TAN! eventually, lol.
So, summer is not even half way over and already I'm so ready for school to start. We are going to the Texas Rangers baseball game on July 3rd (FREE Jerseys for kids day), plus it's a night game. We are also doing the summer movie clubhouse program at Cinemark, I'm all for 50 cent movies. We have done alot already like Cub scout camp and in the X-factor audience! But after next week we will be staying home. I'm sure summer will be over before we know it. We need to find a good summer reading program.... (Me just thinking to myself, lol.)
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